predictive modeling

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I once had my tarot cards read and she said I would have a big decision to make in the near future. Yeah, whether to dump more money into this or realize that she can’t predict the future. There’s always big decisions to be made- like should I have a bean burrito for lunch? Yes! Problem solved.

You don’t need tarot cards or a crystal ball to help find new clients and prospects. Here at Pixa we use predictive modeling! Predictive modeling uses what you know about your best clients or customers to find more prospects just like them. It may seems like magic but it’s really just using data to help drive your decisions.

Similar to regression modeling, predictive modeling takes it one step further. We can look at not only current clients / donors, but also things like previous direct mail responders vs. non-responders. Because we shrink the universe of comparison we are able to get an even more accurate model. Pixa’s process means you can work with prospects, clients or donors that really have the greatest potential of engaging with your organization.