October 17, 2017Jason James

Jason started his Management/Printing career with Kinko’s (now FedexOffice) in the Las Cruces, NM area in 2001. In 2007, he made the move to Arizona, overseeing several retail FedEx Office locations. Over the years his continued passion to develop his surrounding team and drive to create systems and controls in the printing environment led him to Pixa. Currently he holds the Production Manager position among a super talented group of individuals. He is also a basketball coach and loves spending time with his four children.

Describe your job in 3 words. JUST THREE!
Human Circus Juggler but Ted likes to hear Process, Process, Process!

Which celebrity would you want as a best friend? Why?
Adam Sandler- can you say………”Billy Madison”

What’s your favorite thing about living in Arizona?
The outdoors/ refrigerated air